Sunday, 10 April 2011

PR experience

Once again the time has come to find work experience that I am forever told will 'further my career in ways I couldn't even imagine'. As a creative writer myself, I think I am more than capable of imagining how it could affect my career as I feel I will be doing an awful lot of tea runs and licking stamps! Brilliant. I have worked for the PR company Primal PR before but this time I will be working in their London office (very excited about this!) I have dreams of working within the PR industry and where better to do that than in London ay? Fingers crossed if I impress them enough, I may even be able to get my foot in the door with them permanently for a bit after university! Talking of which, is nearing the end of my half way point! My 2nd year exam take place in less than 2 months and I am beginning to panic with the extreme essay, portfolio and revision workload that is surrounding me at present. But forever onwards! My goal is to finish this year on a solid 2:1 minimum, and aim to push that to a high 2:1 or even a 1st degree by the time I leave. Wish me luck! However for now, I need to organise a fish costume for a birthday on Wednesday - as you can see, I take my work very seriously! x

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Phone + alcohol = disaster, regret and embarassment

As everyone knows, taking out your phone after a night of copious jagerbombs, double vodka redbull's and sambuca shots is never, and I repeat NEVER, a good idea. And yet we continue to do so.

Just last night I made this very mistake.

I will set the scene: It was the student union. I had been drinking for around 4 hours. And all of my friends were primarily pre-occupied in some way or another.... I on the one hand, was pretty bored. I knew that a guy I liked (and who I had been told liked me) was going to be out so I text him. No reply.

Our little 'game' had been going on for about 2 months where we would go out for drinks, make out at clubs and flirt in lectures. And yet he was still to make 'THE move'. So I was a little frustrated to find out that he wasn't out at all, after making me promise I would go. I was drunk, and annoyed at the fact it had been yet another unsuccessful night, and so sent him a rather aggressive message:

"You told me to come out, so I did, and you're not even here. I pretty much give up now. I don't know what else I can do. Hand my books back to the library by the 15th, you don't neet my student card."

The standard 'I'm sorry, I was drunk text' followed this morning and he seemed to take it well.

All I am thinking about now is having to see him at uni and actually have a conversation with him. Not fun. I will let you know how it goes, but the moral of this story ladies: KEEP YOUR PHONE IN YOUR BAG.

Love S.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Naughty, naughty.

So a new house.... new friends.

I live above 8 guys with my two flatmates and on the 3rd night of moving in, I did not sleep in my own bed.

Now this is very unlike me and as the title of this blog says - this is one of the down right never's.

I do not recommend a 'friend with benefits' as it does complicate things as I have found out.

Although it is EXTREMELY fun, satisfying (mostly :P) and exciting - the times you see eachother fully clothed seem to be the most awkward.

Just knowing he has seen you naked, and knowing you have seen him naked makes the whole thing, well, weird.

If you're going to give the benefits a go - pick wisely.

Preferrably one who won't tell his housemates what underwear you had on that night, and what turns you on.

Speaking from experience, I would take my advice if I were you!

Good luck ;)

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Summer? What summer.

Well it must be agreed that this August has been one of the shittest summer's of all time (excuse the language). Instead of sitting outside in the evenings enjoying a book or a quick kip on a bench, I find myself wrapped in layers upon layers of knitted jumpers and blankets. Hardly the summer evenings I had planned.

BBQ's are replaced with fireplace fires and long evening walks replaced with mad dashes inside from the pouring rain :(

I write this now as I sit at my desk opening the post (pure highlights of my day) and I find myself feeling rather nostalgic. As you well know, the past couple of weeks have been pivotal for GCSE and A Level students as they find out whether all their hard work has been worth it.

I can remember thinking that I couldn't wait to leave school and start a 'real job'. Now that I have one... I want to go back to school! I return to Nottingham to begin my 2nd year of University in one month and it couldn't come any sooner. I get a new house, new course modules and hopefully a new pair of shoes!

Anyway, best be off. Boss is on the lookout.
For what it's worth, enjoy the so called summer. x

Monday, 19 July 2010


So I have bagged myself a job as an admin assistant at a Graphic Design and PR company. Although I am not working directly with the PR people, I am atleast getting a feel for, perhaps, my future career.

I have worked with the PR section once already about a year and a half ago but only for a week so I have a lot more experience to gain. My telephone skills and confidence are being challenged to the max as I am often left to run the reception phones on my own.

Despite the long work hours (I'm in work by 8am and leave just after 6pm), the prospect of money is well worth it! At £8 an hour, I guess I can't really complain :)

While I am on my 'summer holidays', I am going to try and write a few articles about relevant issues combating England currently so I can get some practice under my belt and, hopefully, improve on my journalistic skills!

Well that's all from me for now. Hope you enjoyed and I will be back with some more exciting news shorty.. I'm sure you can't wait :P

P.S. I passed my first year of uni! An aggregate of 58% means I was 2% short of finishing with a 2:1. That shall be my goal for next year. Wish me luck!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

That was fast...

Didn't quite keep to the promise I made myself of blogging regularly but I will have plenty of time over the summer =]

For anyone starting University - you're gonna love it! Best time of my life.
The people ~ flatmates, course goers, drunken meetings, personal tutor, lecturers, bouncers (trust me, you'll get to know them well) and most importantly.. the ones that bail you out of awkward situations.

There is one particular downer to the university experience which is the lack of money. Some are more lucky than others with the advantage of getting bursaries - if you're an unlucky one like me, the one piece of advice I will give you is to BUDGET.
I wanted to live my Fresher week like it was my last week on earth and boy was it a good'un. But I then struggled every single day with watching what I spent.

All that said and done, I still managed to go out every week :)

Exams are almost complete - one more to go. They haven't been too bad overall, just crazily stressful remembering everything.

I will keep you updated with me adventures over the summer, and next year, as a 2nd year student at Nottingham Trent, I will document of my adventurous evenings.
Whether they take me to a park construction at 2.30am (true), a newly opened underground club called Snug or even just the McDonald's drive-thru.. wherever I end up; you're coming with me.

Enjoy the summer! It's gonna be HOT.

Monday, 14 September 2009

New at this!

Starting University is daunting for everyone. The amount of stuff you have to sort out before you even get to Uni is HUGE. I just hope it's all worth it in the end.

Nottingham Trent is where I will be living for the next 3 years of my life. 4 hours away from my family and friends. This thought scares me more than anything! I won't know anyone. I won't know my surroundings.. nothing.

Life certainly is an adventure; by the looks of things, mine is about to begin.

I wonder what I will get up to.... ?